Alexandra Square Shapes

What is the work?

This is an experimental work created by Emily, Sarah, Luka and Amalie. Here is the projects homepage. You too can participate in the work using the link on that website or altenatively through this site by emailing this address

The Alexandra Square Shapes project was an participatory interactive drawing challenge that through online software synthesised audio. The concept goes that the participant would be sat down in a communal location and using a pen & paper (or digital drawing) would 'follow' passerby's movements creating these linedrawings.

Movement and Drawing


Besides the rudimentary technology of pen and paper, the piece uses a software that creates Virtual ANS Synthesiser. The ANS Synthesiser was an instrument created by Yevgeny Murzin, a Russian audio engineer. Murzin's goal was to use a photo-optic method of sound recording, i.e. obtaining a visible image of a sound wave, but revert its principle so that the sound is synthesised from an image. His development of this idea remained a hobby, as he worked predominantly as an engineer in other areas, but as of 1958 Murzin established a laboratory and a band of musicians/engineers to bring to life and actualise the ANS. *can talk more about spectrogram* The ANS used in this piece is Warmplace , a Virtual ANS software simulator. It has all the functions of the original ANS, with extended digital capabilites that wouldn't have been possible in the time of the original- such as uploading images and pictures to create sounds and.

ANS Synthesiser Example of the drawing after being put through the simulator

Yevgeny Murzin